About us

We run a small bed and breakfast in the Golden Circle in the south of Iceland.

After years of running our farm we made a big leap 2004 and changed our home in to a guesthouse.

In 2014 we took another big leap and spend an 18 hole FOOTgolf course, life is never dull in Dalbær

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Our location is very good weather you are traveling in the summer or winter, we are located in what is normally known as the GOLDEN CIRCLE in the south of Iceland.  We are only about and hour and 15 min drive from Reykjavík, that makes it about 2 hours straight from Keflavík airport.  We are close to wonderful location as Geysir and Gullfoss that are the main parts of the Golden circle but that is not all our location has to offer we are only 5 min from the Secret lagoon, a must see location I Iceland and there as well is the Kurl protect that we do recommend.

Then in the summer time there are locations like Bragginn where we recommend that you go for coffee and if you like horses the horse rental in Syðra Langholt is recommended.

If you like golf the Sel has a golf course, a farmersmarket and a coffie house and Ásatún has another wonderfull golf corse for you just moments away

Then there are wonderful locations like Friðheimar greenhouse and action packed adventure like rafting with Arctic Rafting or snowmobiling on our glacier Langjökull with Snowmobile.is, it is save to say that we are in the middle of all of this and you can easily stay for a few days and always have new things to experience and try out.

We hope you take the time and take a trip to Iceland and if you do, you know where to find us,

All the best from sunny Iceland

The family in Dalbær 3

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